Quit trying to start shit! Carrie Underwood can out sing anyone, anywhere, anytime! If you hate her so much then why waste time spamming hate on the Carrie Underwood tag.

I swear, Carrie Underwood’s fanbase is so rude.

fuck off.

no thanks hun <3

you're really irritating. fuck off.

oh my god thank you! come off anon and talk to me then you ugly ass bitch.

#anywaydoez i’m off! Carrie was so mad when they showed her. Sore loser xoxoxox .

" CARRIE DESERVED IT!!! "  obviously not.. because she lost oxoxoxoxox

lol @ carrie fans getting mad she lost. be happy for miranda. don’t be so fucking rude. Selfish ass punks.

Honestly shut the fuck up oh my god i dont see people giving you the biggest applause and standing ovation of the night for your singing.

Because I didn’t sing. So :)

If you're going to tag Carrie, don't talk bad about her. She's the most talented person at the CMA's.

LOL stop. Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill are far more talented.